Our Awards

Top Performance Visibility Life Care Solution 2019 from GE
Sales Excellence 2019 from Richard Wolf
The Best Distributor of the year from Tuttnauer in 2019
The Best Long-Term Success with Atmos Surgical Suction Devicesin The Region Asia Pacific in 2018
The Best Marketing Team (In Recognition of Exceptional Sales Performance) from Schmitz in 2017
The Valued Partner (In Recognition of Your Understanding Support) from Biolightin 2017
The Best DK Partner in 2017
The Best Business Performance from Lumenisin 2017
The Best Sales Performance in Asia from Viora in 2017
The Class A Category of Customers from Egemen in 2017
The Distributor Excellence Award from Fuse - Endochoice in 2016
The Best Sales Performance from EndoChoice in 2015
Best Sales Performance from Haag-Streit (Ex. Moeller-Wedel) in 2013
The Best, Highest Growth from Trilux in 2013
The Best Performance in Asia from Tuttnauer in 2010The Best 3rd Growth from Trilux in 2011
The Highest Growth 158% of Tyco Suture in Asia in 2007
The Best Achievement for Atmos Surgery Asia in 2004 and 2008
The Best Achievement Anmedic Anesthesia Machine in 2003
The Best Achievement for most installation base of ESWLfrom Richard Wolf in 5 years during 2003-2008 (16 units approx. Euro 300,000 each) installed among the hospitals